Michigan Slots

Playing online slots is a lot of fun. The chances of winning some money now and then makes it even more exciting. If you’re a fan of slot machines, you’ve probably wished at one time or another that you could play online, right from the comfort of your own home. In some states, this has already become a reality. Michigan is not one of those states right now, but there is hope that this could possibly change in the future. By looking at what other states have done, and what the online casinos offer in those states, we can even get a decent idea of what might be available in Michigan in the near future.

If you’re a slots enthusiast, this is an exciting time to be active. There are a lot of new games and prize packages. If we’re lucky, we might even be able to experience this excitement without needing to travel far to play at a brick and mortar casino.

Keep reading to get more info on what Michigan is currently up to on this front, and what we should expect if things change.


Where Does Michigan Stand with Online Casinos?

Currently, slots are not legally allowed online in the state of Michigan, but current legislation in the works appears to be in the process of changing this. Some states already allow this on a limited basis, and Michigan has already paved the way for online slots to be legal in the state. The caveat here is that you must use a state approved casino site. At this time, no specific sites have yet been approved. That is good news if you are a slots or online gaming enthusiast living in Michigan, but some patience is still needed.

Michigan is one of the handful of states in the U.S. that has already moved their state lottery system to the web. This bodes well for other forms of wagering and gambling to go online as well. With the U.S. Federal law now allowing states to decide for themselves whether or not online sports betting will be legal, Michigan has more support than ever to move toward the legalization of online slots play.

In Michigan, you need to be 18 years old to participate in this activity in a physical casino. This is going to be the case if and when online casinos are able to open up.

The Future of Michigan Online Casinos and Slots

Play at anytime during the day.

When online slots go live in Michigan, there are a lot of things that we have to look forward to. In markets where slots are legal, such as New Jersey, we are seeing a lot of benefits to players. Free sign up bonuses are probably the most popular promo that online casinos are offering right now. These range anywhere between $5 and $25 and are used to encourage people to sign up for their sites.

The selection of sites will likely be pretty small at first. The state has an obligation to protect its citizens, and there will be some sort of oversight and scrutiny given to any site that wants to cater to an MI audience. This isn’t a bad thing at all. While it might be a bit slower to get things under way here, when gaming does roll out, you can be assured that when a site does go live that it will be a high quality one.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that there will likely be much more than online slots at any given casino. Michigan looks like they have also approved other types of casino games. This will make casino play a lot more exciting and offer gamblers some variety. If you’re a diehard slots player, you might not be interested in anything else, but for those who welcome variety, mixing it up every now and then can keep things fresh and more entertaining.

This probably goes without saying, but much of this is a guess at this point. We have no idea what the future of Michigan gaming really looks like. However, based on what we have already seen happen in some states, and what is currently happening within MI itself, this is an educated guess. At the very least, the groundwork is in place and we should expect to see online slot play available sometime in some form in the not so distant future.

What to Look For Online?

There are a number of things to look for in an online casino. If you’re going to play slots—or any other game for that matter—you want to follow a few basic rules before you get started. As we’ve already mentioned, you want to make sure that the site you are using is legal to use where you are located. You have a lot of options before you when it comes to gambling, and breaking the law puts you in a dangerous position.

Next, you want to make sure that the site is reputable. With so many online scams out there, it only makes sense that there would be people out there targeting casino players. Whenever a large financial transaction takes place, there’s the potential for a scammer to step in and try to swindle you. Only work with casinos that have a solid reputation, are approved by the state government, and have a secure connection. Google has done a lot in the last couple years to improve safety on their browser, but you always want to double check for yourself to make sure that the site uses SSL encryption for any transfer of financial data.

Also, be sure to go over online reviews. If someone has been scammed by a site or because of a site in the past, they are not likely to stay quiet about it. It’s possible that a good site might have a couple bad reviews because of a string of bad luck, but a bad site will have a lot of bad reviews.

Next, look over what else is at the sites you’ve narrowed your list down to. More than likely, the slots casino that you are looking at will offer a lot more than just slots. Each site will be a little bit different even in the slots games that are offered. There are literally hundreds of different games out there, so there’s a strong chance that a good site exists that will hold your favorite game. And, if you want to branch out to other types of games, it’s good to stick with a site that you already know and trust. Changing to a new site isn’t impossible, but it can take a few days to get your money moved to where you want it and avoiding this hassle will be nice.

Finally, look at what bonuses and promos are offered. These alone are not a good reason to choose an online casino, but they can help you to distinguish between one site and another. For example, if one site is able to give you $100 in bonus cash, but another only gives $50, with all other things being equal, don’t you want to get that extra $50?

Other promotions can help you to keep using a site with greater success. Referral programs, loyalty rewards, and an occasional reload promo can go a long way toward helping you grow your money and get a little bit more out of your playing. These can be hard to find, but when you do, they are certainly worth taking advantage, especially if you were going to make a deposit to start with. There’s no point in risking more than you normally would to get one of these, but if they fit in with your plans, then go for it.

Now, the U.S. has cracked down a lot on bonuses in the past. This means that you won’t see a lot of the crazy bonuses that existed 15 years ago. But, that doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. Keep an eye open and you will find them from time to time. These won’t make you rich, but they can make playing a lot more entertaining and keep you interested in games over the long run. Always be sure that you know and are okay with any stipulations that bonuses come with.

Hoping for the Best in Michigan

Don’t forget that Michigan has also recently approved online sports betting and other forms of gambling. All of the same rules apply for using these sites, too. You need to ensure that you stay within the confines of the law and that you are giving any potential site its due diligence by making sure that it is trustworthy and will be helpful to you.

Michigan might still be in the early stages of introducing legal online slot play, but that doesn’t mean that this will not be an exciting place to be in the coming months or even weeks. Keep your eyes open to see when this finally will roll out and be ready to start having fun once it does. Online casino play is a lot of fun, and Michigan residents have a lot to look forward to in the near future.