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MGM and Online Slot Playing

The MGM Grand Detroit is one of the biggest and most popular casinos in all of Michigan. When we think of Las Vegas—the casino capital of the U.S.—the MGM Grand is one of the first casinos that we think of, and this name power has helped this satellite casino to grow immensely since it opened up in 1999.

There are a handful of casinos in the Detroit area, but the MGM Grand is one of the biggest and most popular. Other Michigan casinos are a lot of fun, but there’s something special about a visit to the MGM.

For example, one of the coolest things about the MGM Grand Detroit is that it has such a large number of slot machines that you can find many of those same games present online. There are about 3,500 slot games at this casino, including some of the newest and hottest games out there. Big names include Fort Knox, Cash Climb, Monopoly Hot Shot, Tarzan, and Rising Panda, to name just a few. These games are all present in some form through online casinos, depending on where you play and who the online casino of your choice is affiliated with. A lot of these games are just growing in popularity, and have some pretty impressive jackpots, allowing you to play and get in on a slice of the excitement both at the MGM and from your own personal computer or phone.

The MGM Grand—At Home

Is playing a slot machine online from the comfort of your own home the same as actually hitting up one of the coolest casinos outside of Vegas? No way. The experience of spending a few hours surrounded by thousands of other people playing slots and other casino games is irreplaceable. There’s no way to replicate this perfectly in a virtual setting. However, playing slots online can help you to perfect a style of play and understand the game better. It can be a way for you to save money on travel and the cost of going out, while you play the game for lower amounts, or even with play money, depending on what your casino allows you to do.

Playing at home can even be a lot more relaxing. Let’s face it; as fun as a night out gambling in a casino can be, sometimes it’s more enjoyable to stay at home and chill. When you are able to play in a location where you are comfortable and (literally) at home, it is a different kind of experience, but still a lot of fun. Depending on what you’re looking for, you can have either type of experience.

The Perks

If you’re headed to the casino soon, don’t forget to sign up for the MGM player perks program. Called M Life Rewards, this is a multi-tiered rewards program designed to create an incentives program for loyal MGM Grand players. You can use this outside of Michigan, too. So, if you find yourself travelling to Vegas, or another city that has an MGM location, you can use your rewards club membership to keep raking in the rewards. Like I mentioned before, the name MGM is one of the biggest in the casino gaming world, so you’re likely to get a lot out of this perks program over the long haul.

That holds true if you are playing at another casino, brick and mortar or online. Sign up for their player perks program so that you can get a little something back. Depending on the casino, the rewards will vary. Some casinos will give you a cash bonus, or you can trade your rewards points in for free casino gear or even a hotel stay at the resort. There’s a lot of cool stuff that the MGM and others offer, so be sure to look into this and earn a little extra while you play. This will make a big win even more rewarding!